Traditional London signwriting, what it means – Nick Garrett Signwriter

As one of the last Traditional London Signwriters, I still champion the old, genuine skills and methods as being of far greater character and prestige.

Naturally the old methods do involve preparation and time but the artwork end results are always stunning and worth the effort. In the 1990’s when computers were in their infancy and many traditional signwriters simply did not possess them, it was down to the ‘eye’ and artistic talent in creating layouts.

A new Tradition – using digital layouts + sable brush

In the 80’s I was relying purely on eye and memory to hand paint numerous lettering styles – remembering the bank of fonts in my mind and laying down in paint – nowadays I use my computer programs to create the layouts, faithfully reproducing the most detailed of logos, greatly assisting the modern signwriting process.  However for some particular sign projects, for clients such as POD and Ted Baker, I create the sign layout entirely by hand.

For me there is no option but to pick up the brush and wield some magic.  It may be a modern day revival… but for me it is my abiding passion.

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Traditional London signwriting, what it means – Nick Garrett Signwriter

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