The Sandwich board returns – prints you money!

Sandwich Boards: Advertising on the GO!

A sandwich board is a type of advertisement composed of two boards (holding a message or a graphic) that is usually carried by a person (one board in front and one in back – creating a “sandwich”) or set up next to a store (or other location) in a triangular shape.

So.. what’s a sandwich board? Sounds tasty!

Sandwich boards are most typically deployed in busy pedestrian areas and advertise businesses within easy walking distance. Commonly referred to as human billboards or human directionals, these sandwich boards have been around for quite a while. Since the early 18th century, when tradesmen hoisted them on to their backs to flaunt silk wares and fine foods, the sandwich board has played an integral role in the commerce of the US. Charles Dickens was the first to refer to such sign carriers as “sandwich men” and this same analogy has stood for the sandwich board ever since. That this form of advertising has managed to catch attention for so long should give you an idea of how well it works!

These Sandwich boards have had a hand in promoting not only businesses and services, but people as well! Even in the 1930’s during the depressions, this form of advertising was used by the unemployed to find work. In January 2008 and February 2009, they were again used for this purpose in New York and Manchester… and successfully I might add!

Why should you take the step to Sandwich boards too? Well, Sandwich Boards give you the flexibility to change your content frequently so your messages are always fresh and exciting. Sandwich boards offer a quick, cost-effective way to draw attention to sales, events or new product promotions. And the coop de resistance is this: If they have been an effective marketing and advertising tool for 190 years – it stands to reason that they will continue to be so!

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