The Freebie sign! – Nick Garrett                                                                                                           

Sign writing today for sure is momentous for me… starting up my writing career after 10 years away in product design.

Signwriting is such a dynamic creative process… and rewarding in many ways, for both client and maker.

Good signwriting is free!  It pays for itself incredibly quickly.  I remember putting a sandwich board outside my studio and within a day or two it had generated passing business to the tune of 500 quid!  Throughout its lifespan it generated dozens of new clients (it cost me just £150 to make). 

Not only does good writing embody sound commerciality but it communicates via direct channels: it gives out message and motif … and talks your talk.

Making meaningful messages creates progress and rings up sales…

It cool sign’s got cred!

A new sign will turn the eye/heads and attract new customers thickening up client base. It will pull in people who would have easily passed you by.

Bonus is that new customers will be easy to measure… they’ll give you new business!

There’s no computer based BS SEO stuff here.  It works because it is active on the street level comfort zone.  Where the solid word of mouth client supports many local businesses.


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