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Numerals and door insignia are an incredibly important statement for any home or business… the very first message that we have arrived.  So they have to be made just right.. and doing that is a particular art.

not simply numbers but beautifully important objects.

Writing numerals needs a fair bit of consideration – it’s a tight mix of typeface design, craft and architectural art.

For this set above, which adorn a 9 million pound hotel, my brush and little pot of black paint had to reflect that value.

I first needed to establish the perfect match in sizing and position and immediately set off down Cranley Gdns with tape in hand.  Fairly straight forward I hear you say… nah… every number and every height setting was different.

Measuring the heights, from deck of immediate neighbours nos 2o and 26 I found whopping 20mm difference in height positioning –  I decided on placing 22 in the balanced mean between the two of c51” H and 24 a shade higher.

Font sizes and styles also varied considerably up and down the street as they were all written by different hands over the past 30 years or so. This final numeral set I made was traced from 2 neighbouring lettered pillars and tweaked making them my own: distinctive, classic, yet beautifully modern.

In the end I measured every pillar numeral on Cranley Gardens in order to know with full certainty, my final measure.

Not only do we have to craft up a fine letter (often on a rough surface) but we need to marry them to the era, feeling and style of their neighbours.

It was quite nostalgic: as if decades of West London’s finest writers surrounded me as I wrote.

Restoring original fonts numerals

Here below is a lovely re-modelled Times Roman with refined rising glyph, weight and returns

NGS ‘s Mat made the sketch and final artwork,  for this nice gilded restoration numeral in Muswell Hill, London.

Gothic Sans serif – Dishoom Shoreditch

Mock up for Dishoom

Classic cafe – TAPPED & PACKED. LTD. 

193 Wardour Street Soho London W1

Contemporary fonts – Ampersand hotel 10 Layout

Photo: Numbered...

Heritage NGS Cornhill Collection

I am starting to collate some of the finest carved lettering and numerals from the Cornhill in City of London. These will be converted into paintable fonts thus continuing the fine tradition of my 3 generations of family letter carving.

If you need a fine numeral, you’ve got my number…

Best,  Nick Garrett  07951509238



Dishoom Shoreditch NGS Case

The new Dishoom is really a spectacular blend of rich, quirky on retro trend design and slick gastronomy.


And if you think that’s a mouthful wait till you see the menu… and our signwriting!!

In the heart of London this hand painted window set is a stunner with the original vintage 1920’s Bombay font extracted by Nick Garrett from an vintage cafe sign (below) and embellished into it’s new typographic context. Some of the new characters I created taking reference from the original but launching into the quirky eccentric.

Above:  artwork prepared by NGS for the production of full sized layouts (Output – Original Copy Center Lond UK )

Double trouble

But it’s been really tough… arriving on site to hand paint the glass the dimensions supplied were all slightly out affecting one lay out and the windows were 25mm double glazed!

That meant the drawing we would use to trace our lettering was 32mm away from the surface needed to be written on the inner pane of plate glass… in effect we were writing on an invisible floating plain inside the shop unable to line up to the drawing!


The normal brush controls went out the window! Literally … and after serious eye-strain, double vision and a panic attack Mat and I found things gradually improving as our technique accommodated this incredibly odd and challenging work environment.

A half day into the writing  and gradually the mind had made adjustments – we started to even enjoy the fruits…

The London Gilder & Signwriter Nick Garrett

For all your London signwriting and gilding needs call Nick at NGS – 07960113799

I never call myself a ‘master’ signwriter… I always let my signs speak louder than such words…


Thanks for visiting my website. 

My name is Nick Garrett: A born and bred London Signwriting and Gold Leaf Gilding artist, specialising in traditional, retro and modern brand sign writing.

Very much today’s modern signman… by design.

Great brand design NGS

Smooth production and finishing

I offer a comprehensive sign service with a design advantage from a career spanning 38 years in all areas of design, including lettering, brand ID, ceramics, furniture, special finishes and pure typographics. I gives my studio the edge on creating genuine products with super fast roll through to suit your every need.

Super Design, Modern Detail – purely by hand

Passion for detail and historical lettering, makes NGS a trend leader. Everything is created by hand from the drawing to the final brushstroke. It’s modern yet always classical whether Urban distress, a cafe script, or a fine Roman.

We have a huge research archive of the perfect lettering for you. If we haven’t made it recently we’ll make it for you today.

Work is designed to your particular needs or I can follow perfectly your existing design layouts and brand ID. These include:

  • Modern
  • Branding & Graphics
  • Classic Vintage
  • House numerals
  • Ghost signs 
  • Chalkboards
  • Gilding on glass and panel
  • Panel Manufacture
  • Teaching the craft and support

Projects can be completed in our workshop or with you on site anywhere in the world – rain or shine, super big or small, quality productions.  

The complete bespoke service and the best affordable prices.


Free quote or chat call Nick at NGS 07960113799

NGS Sign creativity is all about launching something beautiful on the eye… not just great letters, but the essence of your business.



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