London sign writer Nick Garrett 

“Nick is a superb illustrator and graphic signwriter. Professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with.

He took our brief, developed it and then executed it beautifully. You can see his work of art at our new POD on Queen Victoria St.”

Alex Maynard, Marketing Director at POD FOOD. 

Nick Garrett worked with us for many years, about ten years ago; working closely with Tricia Guild and myself in producing specially painted antique furniture. Nick was provided with specific fabric swatches and left to his own devices in producing pieces which worked perfectly to the colour briefs. His ability to produce work that was in perfect compatibility to our textile colours and the ‘look’ of the collection was inspiring and sold very well.

Nick therefore had great creative input into the look of the furniture at the time of our London Store and very much involved in the creative process. 

Mark Homewood, Director of Creative Development, Designers Guild UK

“It was great to bump into Nick again recently..

Nick could always be relied upon to come up with original and often stunning designs for pictorials and had a real feel for the genre. He worked hard and did a lot of work for myself and my colleagues dealing with Allied Breweries regional re-branding. His work was always outstanding. Happy memories!” 

William Allbrook 

“I met Nick when he was trialling a new range of painted furniture when there were very few others doing the same. He had a fantastic eye for shape and colour. Importantly, he was always willing to discuss ways in which his product could be tailored to our specific needs and worked hard on new colours or finishes that were always stunning. I would recommend him as someone who is extremely personable, always flexible and with a really creative and original mind.”

1st Colin Bisset

“I have worked very closely with Nick Garrett for 5 years. Nick has excelled in his role as a leader at P.D. Department. He possesses the ultimate “can do” attitude while taking on all tasks with a positive energy. His upbeat personality and engaging personal style enables him to interact effectively with clients and staff. Many of his co-workers seek his advice and support. He is always there for them and is comfortable in the role. 

Nick has a strong sense both about the market’s needs and clients’ needs. That is an important element for his role in CAC. The development of CAC requiring a great deal of thought and effort on his behalf!! 

I am glad to have chance work with him!!” 

Sonja Yingmei Zeng, PD Manager, China Accent (HK) Ltd.

It’s wonderful, thanks so much.
It so great to have your expertise too with the colours, they’ve worked together so well.   

Jennie Milsom, owner With Jam and Bread

Wow that is incredible… to see the real hand painted skills… just what we want!

Mark Valerio, Design Manager, Ted Baker

That work looks great, Thank you. I’ve noted your other areas of expertise and I’m sure that we’ll work together in the future.

Andrew Catterall, Reflect Construction UK

The execution is superb… it’s very rare to see someone love what they do…

Phil Monk, Head Curator, Tate Modern, London


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