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gold-is-ngs1.jpg London Chalk art  artis chalkie menu boards chalk boards chalkboards

… it gleams and reflects

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Cat 2014

NGS Reverse Glass Gilding Cataloged 2014.1

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… it gleams and reflects – an unparalleled beauty

Nick Garrett is a specialist sign gilder with restoration and decorative works across the globe and a reputation synonymous with quality.  Recently his projects have included notable works in West End, prestigious Chelsea homes, projects in Italy and the City of London.


The Sublime Power of Gold

The power gold has on passers by is what makes it such a key asset to a signwriter’s tool set.  From all angles it is visible .. the sun never bleaches it from view in mid afternoon it glows much as it does at dawn and under artificial lighting it becomes gloriously luminous.

‘Nothing conveys as much impact on a window as gold leaf.’

Raymond. J. Le Blanc. 1978:7

The Clockmakers of London at the Science museum - Nick Garrett sign gilder

We believe it is true… gold leaf is the ultimate visual statement and yet affordable.  It remains the very best way to enhance the spirit of success and sensational visual appeal.



Le Labo Milano - NGS Signwriting Nick Garretti


There is no finish more beautiful than gold leaf

Traditional Hand Signwriting and Gilding: About Water Gilding, Nick Garrett

Le Labo Milano - NGS Signwriting Nick Garretti 002

Beautiful aged gilding


London Classical gilds


Nick Garrett is a specialist gilder with restoration and decorative works across the globe.  Recently his projects have included work in West End, prestigious homes and projects in Italy and the City of London.

 Above:  The laying of the 24ct gold leaf for Miami Ink


Even in today’s modern architectural context gold leaf still stands as a statement of tradition, elegance and quality.

Whether you require 24ct English or Italian gold leaf, lemon antique gold, blue bronze, white gold or platinum leaf, I can help choose the perfect material for your design and create a stunning final piece.

Gold leaf – a passion

If you have a gilding project, need genuine expertise and that extra finesse then contact me at


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