Eye Candy at Bunga Bunga case London – NGS


Here is a quick photo case of our flash splash for Bunga Bunga disco club in Battersea, London.

It was really cold and after an hour right at our backs 3 huge reverse cycle air con units started up, blowing FREEZING air into our kidneys!!  Time to move inside!!

Minus 3 degs… brrrrr

Finally I laid on Glow in the Dark phosphorous paint to all white areas and the job was done!

Tonal transition on the mirror tile details created the sensation of light and 3D


Nick Garrett – Design, layout, all paint, detailing

Jack Hollands – tech assist draw up and double coating

Silvio Berlusconi – toilet cleaner



NGS Insegne Antiche – a Parma da 1981 – in tutta Italia

Insegne Antiche Parma

NGS Insegne Antiche – a Piacenza, Milano e Parma

Nick Garrett Fine Signwriter London Italiano Inglese

La società ha sede a Piacenza, Milano, Londra e Parma.

Lo stile delle insegne è un revival della tradizione tipografica italiana passata in legno, alluminio e resina. Dipinta a mano, pronta per essere decorata a mano o con scritta adesiva o altra soluzione grafica.
NGS opera sia nel Regno Unito, in Italia e all’estero attraverso un’ampia rete di distribuzione.

Retro ItalianIMG_0249-2-1024x683.jpg


La gamma di prodotti è in continuo aggiornamento attraverso lo studio di nuovi tipi di materiali e metodologie di produzione. Lo staff tecnico si occupa di ricerca storica specializzata e di riprogettazione delle forme.

Le nostre insegne sono tutte fatte a mano e dipinte a mano da abili artigiani.
Forme simili sono prodotte anche in fibroresina con dimensioni fisse a vantaggio di costo significativi.

Cate +39 3383111950  Nick +44 7960113799



A Mano

Antiche Insegne

Cate +39 3383111950

+44 7960113799


Insegne Antiche Classiche

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Ben Jones designs: Heavenly Bodies Bridal

Posted 22 hours ago

By Ben Jones

Earlier this week I mentioned that a logo I had designed for one of my clients, Heavenly Bodies Bridal, was going to be hand painted onto their new shop front, by the talented Nick Garrett.

We had originally hoped that I would pop down to film the process, but unfortunately, I was unable to make it down to the store for the time of painting. So there is no video, boo 😦

I do have a photo however! yay!

photo curtesy of Nick Garrett – pilfered from his website

I think you will all agree, it looks VERY tasty!

You can check out more of Nicks work here: www.nickgarrettsignwriter.com


What Your Restaurant Chalkboards Can Do for You

What Your Restaurant Chalkboards Can Do for You


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Tramcar Resturant Book a meal on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant in Melbourne.

Expert Author Craig Thornburrow

If you want to draw attention to your eating establishment, restaurant chalkboards can help you do the trick. Or maybe you want to dress up the inside of your restaurant or business. It could even be that you just want to add some flair to your home or loft living space. Whatever the reason, these make great additions to your home or business.

Even businesses with small budget can afford to include a chalkboard. There are many uses, such as:

• Writing out the daily specials 
• Writing out the entire menu 
• Putting it out front to entice people to come in 
• Writing out a to-do list for things to do around the home or for the business

If your small business needs a little front doorstep advertising, consider this an investment to help increase your traffic flow.

Benefits of Chalkboards

If you aren’t fully convinced this type of board is necessary or could help you, it is time to take a look at some of the potential benefits.

• Easy to Change – Some eateries include their entire menu on the chalkboard. This can be very useful if you do not have menus printed yet or if your menu changes often. So if you have daily specials that change, this is an easy way to let people know about what’s available.

• Easy to Clean – Even if your chalkboard gets plenty of use and begins to look dirty from daily erasing, washing it off with a sponge and water will freshen it right up. Make sure you do this once in a while to help keep your board looking new and so it is easy to read.

• Versatile Designs and Use – You can usually get hanging boards or standing ones, or change what you have back and forth. Keep it out of the way so customers don’t trip, but also mount it where it can easily be seen. The great thing is if you don’t feel it is getting enough attention, you can always change the location, unlike other type of fixed mounted signs. You can also get different sizes. So for your entire menu you may need a large board. To simply write out the word “sale” a smaller board will do.

Other Clever Uses

These chalkboards are getting popular with people who are thinking up alternate uses, other than the obvious. Writing out your sales for example, means you can change the sales guidelines at any point. It also means not having to invest larger sums of money into vinyl or other types of printed signs.

Some people leave this type of sign up for people to write down comments or suggestions for the business. It could also be to give kids a space to get creative. Some places even have their board up to keep track of credit or gifted credit, as a cheaper and greener alternative to gift cards. Restaurant chalkboards can do wonders for your small business.

Master craftsman Dan Seese: Colorado Sign, Glass, gilder and creative decorator

The genius of Dan Seese: Sign, Glass, gilder and creative decorator

Every so often one bumps into simply astonishing people on the net…

Just the other day I chanced upon US (Colorado) based Dan Seese http://www.danseesestudios.com, and extraordinary craftsman with a huge passion for not only what he does, but for what others do around him.

Talking to Dan was different though… here was a bloke absolutely brimming with ideas and knowledge that I felt a strong kinship toward – like I felt toward Dave Smith. It’s a brethren thing we all cherish.

Sign writing and gilding is making a revival because of the peripheral knowledge and sightings of Dan’s beautiful workmanship and others like him.

His work is alive!

In this article he describes how to create the illusion (and reality) of frosted glass. Now while I don’t normally promote the use of vinyl screens and treatments, I read on and found his understanding of the materials and hand cutting made the difference in both aesthetic design and client satisfaction.


Nick Garrett NGS


TUESDAY, JUNE 5, 2012 AT 9:45PM

Sometimes a project calls for concealing the view through a window. There are a number of ways to create obscure-glass, always driven by the needs of the situation.  A solid sandblasted panel allows the light to come through but nothing can be seen on the other side of the glass.

Glue chipping creates beautiful random patterns in the glass which maintain some clarity but which distort the light so that everything is blurred.

Ashaded etching will have gradations of clear and etched areas – similar to airbrushing.

All of these options can be done in the studio and later installed, but when an existing window needs to be obscured on-location, the options are limited – especially if completely replacing the window is not in the budget.

On several occasions I’ve found that applying a transluscent vinyl film which simulates etched glass to be a perfect solution.

Obscure Glass: Mr. Moonlight, using “etched glass” films

Recently I had a client who wanted the window in the master bathroom to be fully obscured. The window beside the tub looked out onto the private deck of the home, but it was completely clear, providing no privacy without drawing the shade.  Together we established a theme and I created a playful drawing, inspired in part by a moon face in a children’s story book. The end result gave the bathroom a whimsical ambiance allowing plenty of light during the day and no need to draw the shades at night.

I covered the entire glass with 3m “Dusted Crystal” film and then, after cutting the illustration out of 3m “Frosted Crystal” film, I applied it as a second layer.  I combined both computer-aided cutting with my plotter, as well as hand cutting.

The main caveat in this method is that I try to round corners and also instruct the customer to take care when cleaning the surface so as not to catch the corners on the design elements and cause it to lift. 

This application is obviously not the same as if you were to permanently alter the glass through more traditional methods, but over the years I’ve found it to be an appropriate approach to creating obscure glass where the situation calls for it.

Some previous projects with similar treatment: 

Obscure Glass: Etched film on window above bath tub

Obscure Glass: Etched film on entryway window

Dan Seese Studios, Inc.

3830 Capitol Dive, Fort Collins, Colorado 80526






Antique sign – gold leaf & smalts (click image to enlarge)

Recently, historic restoration specialist Tom Tisthammer of Wattle & Daub Contractors was showing me his collection of antique signs, drawing my attention to one of his favorites – a sign with an “aggregate” background. As I examined this little gem, an office-building sign identifying the “Acousticon Neumeyer Company”, I saw that it was a prime example of …

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