Dishoom Shoreditch NGS Case

The new Dishoom is really a spectacular blend of rich, quirky on retro trend design and slick gastronomy.


And if you think that’s a mouthful wait till you see the menu… and our signwriting!!

In the heart of London this hand painted window set is a stunner with the original vintage 1920’s Bombay font extracted by Nick Garrett from an vintage cafe sign (below) and embellished into it’s new typographic context. Some of the new characters I created taking reference from the original but launching into the quirky eccentric.

Above:  artwork prepared by NGS for the production of full sized layouts (Output – Original Copy Center Lond UK )

Double trouble

But it’s been really tough… arriving on site to hand paint the glass the dimensions supplied were all slightly out affecting one lay out and the windows were 25mm double glazed!

That meant the drawing we would use to trace our lettering was 32mm away from the surface needed to be written on the inner pane of plate glass… in effect we were writing on an invisible floating plain inside the shop unable to line up to the drawing!


The normal brush controls went out the window! Literally … and after serious eye-strain, double vision and a panic attack Mat and I found things gradually improving as our technique accommodated this incredibly odd and challenging work environment.

A half day into the writing  and gradually the mind had made adjustments – we started to even enjoy the fruits…


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Description: the story so far

Welcome to NGS Sign Shop website I hope you enjoy browsing and entrust my services.

I graduated as portrait painter and started making quality sign writing from 1981-1999, offering a complete bespoke service for large scale or small projects.

Today I create some of the best sign solutions in central London and home counties. I hope you like them displayed here.

A hand painted sign speaks volumes and will genuinely build your identity and new business turnover.


Creative shop sign impact – Retro glow NGS

Creative shop sign impact – Retro glow NGS

You can turn your USP brand ID around and attract your target audience… by using a series of clear creative messages and voices, your business can transform into active, living brand. Creative Shop Sign design in London is the ideal place to launch new marketing genders… brand design has never been a better option or looked so good!

In the past the shop sign was the key marketing platform and today the resonance of that street level identity is working through all channels of marketing and display.


So how can we help you with a re-launch or new look? It’s easy… bring us in at the start-up so that we can infuse sign savvy solutions that will ramp up. For example scaling and colour scheming are just as important as fonts and fancy borders… getting it right will pay dividends… and it’s often something we bring into a project FOC. Look forward to talking to you soon.

Nick, NGS

Sylvanian Families,Traditional signwriting finished today – NGS

The fascia sign renewal for Sylvanian Families in Arsenal is all going fair dinkum as they say … rub down 2 coats of Dulux undercoat.. 2 coats of Dulux satin top and the lettering followed rounding off a good day out in Arsenal…

Above: start of day 2

…and then

Day 2: finish lettering – double coat and pin stripe

Day 3: add high and low light lining

Above:  NGS – Finished with highlight and shade signwriting – framed up with double pin stripes.

NG Signs: Creativity In Retail… The London

… in this digital age it’s great to see signwriting is in a renaissance.  

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Creativity In Retail – the life n soul of you business

| By | Nick Garrett the London Sign

Creativity on all levels has always played a huge part in attracting clients through the door in retail … the space today remains wide open for you the in-store designer, to create the creative sign statement that will ignite the imagination of existing clients and brand new ones too, as the swing toward retro and craftsmanship shows signs of being here to stay.

NGS are active in the area of new sign trend, surfaces finishes and visual product development – we work closely with our clients along the critical path, from concept, through design development to installation or hand painting.

With a multi dimensional interiors and product design based background, Nick Garrett offers clients not only experience in sign typography, but a range cost effective visual processes and commercially sound solutions –

 … working as a product designer for major US and UK retailers has given me priceless skills that value add to your business.

First Impressions – will change your retail business… one way or the other

Applying a creative logo to an interior retail display is a fairly straight forward process but moving a logo and brand ID from the PC design screen to a large exterior surface area often requires a different skill set or knowledge base – the ability to augment the design in order to override perspective and foreshortening issues in the larger than life, real world setting –  just one skill a design based sign creative can bring to the table.

By adding a touch of distress (see Foote’s above) the logo transformation takes on a sense of having been there a long time: established and successful… yet gleaming new!

Contrastingly by using clever hand masking techniques a silk screen finish can be created for the clean cut logo.  See below.

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Retro Electric Cafe – Cafe Sign Vintage Typeface Design specialisation

Remember the warms of a true London original painted cafe sign?

It’s alive and revived…

Above:  c1935.  The original sign still under the existing panel at the Electric Cafe W Norwood, London.
Below: Baldini restoration project reference photograph

NGS Cafe Sign Projects – London Traditional Sign-Writing 

I am getting a steady flow of vintage cafe -eatery signs these day here are a few on show – It is possible to take an old photo and extract enough info tor reproduce a faithful replication to your new London, Uk, European, Worldwide, eatery sign or interiors project

Above: Baldini sign project: Restoring photo and extracting exact original font style for retro cafe traditional sign re-paint layout

Below:  Signwriting reverse glass at Dishoom Shoreditch High St London


1348502510818 1348570275456 2012-09-21 16.53.39


Dishoom was a really aaazing project – organised and highly creative

Above: Retro repro painted sign panel with soft distressing – NGS

POD Mansion House – NGS eaterie hand painted glass murals and fascia signage

I specialise in real, hand painted Cafe and Restaurant sign writing – if you need a quality painted sign statement for your business email me or give me a call with you project details.  Happy to set up an appointment.

Nick Garrett NGS

Traditional Signwriting NGS – Perfect London Shop fronts

London Traditional Signwriting – Nick Garrett Signwriter .com –  all signs painted by hand

Nick Garrett Signs:  by heart, by eye..

Looking to attract new customers, re-create a stunning brand logo?

– or simply just get your name out there?

My traditional hand painted sign writing service delivers a clear beautiful message – a quality result that hot launches your product.

Photo: Hoxton ... one day in paint. NGS F rock!!!!

”… I love what I do and it’s all by love of hand and sable quill” NG

FROGZ Frozen Yoghurt bar opening 20 Hanbury St  London Signwriter Nick Garrett

Frogz – Hanbury Street London, nr Brick Lane

Traditional Signwriting and distressed paintwork.

Call us today on:  07951509238  

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