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By Ben Jones

Earlier this week I mentioned that a logo I had designed for one of my clients, Heavenly Bodies Bridal, was going to be hand painted onto their new shop front, by the talented Nick Garrett.

We had originally hoped that I would pop down to film the process, but unfortunately, I was unable to make it down to the store for the time of painting. So there is no video, boo ūüė¶

I do have a photo however! yay!

photo curtesy of Nick Garrett – pilfered from his website

I think you will all agree, it looks VERY tasty!

You can check out more of Nicks work here:




Numerals and door insignia are an incredibly important statement for any home or business… the very first message that we have arrived. ¬†So they have to be made just right.. and doing that is a particular art.

They are not simply numbers but beautifully important objects.

Writing numerals needs a fair bit of consideration – it’s a tight mix of typeface design, craft and architectural art. ¬†

For this set above, which adorn a 9 million pound hotel, my brush and little pot of black paint had to reflect that value.

I first needed to establish the perfect match in sizing and position and immediately set off down Cranley Gdns with tape in hand. ¬†Fairly straight forward I hear you say… nah… every number and every height setting was different.

Measuring the heights, from deck of immediate neighbours nos 2o and 26 I found whopping 20mm difference in height positioning – ¬†I decided on placing 22 in the balanced mean between the two of c51” H and 24 a shade higher. ¬†

Font sizes and styles also varied considerably up and down the street as they were all written by different hands over the past 30 years or so. This final numeral set I made was traced from 2 neighbouring lettered pillars and tweaked making them my own: distinctive, classic, yet beautifully modern.

In the end I measured every pillar numeral on Cranley Gardens in order to know with full certainty, my final measure.

Not only do we have to craft up a fine letter (often on a rough surface) but we need to marry them to the era, feeling and style of their neighbours.

It was quite nostalgic: as if decades of West London’s finest writers surrounded me as I wrote.


Restoring original fonts numerals

NGS ‘s Mat made the sketch and final artwork, ¬†for this nice gilded restoration numeral in Muswell Hill, London.


Gothic Sans serif – Dishoom Shoreditch

Mock up for Dishoom

Contemporary fonts –¬†Ampersand hotel 10 Layout

Photo: Numbered...




Heritage NGS Cornhill Collection

I am starting to collate some of the finest carved lettering and numerals from the Cornhill in City of London. These will be converted into paintable fonts thus continuing the fine tradition of my 3 generations of family letter carving.


If you need a fine numeral, you’ve got my number…

Best,  Nick Garrett  07951509238

A little birdie wrote me – Nick Garrett Traditional signwriter Central London

Sign Motif in the moment Notting hill Nick Garrett signwriter west end central London

Cat and bird painted motif at Strutt and Parker Kensington Church Street London

Part of a mural spread across 103 Kensington Church Street.  The signwriting Рmural work took 3 days to complete and featured soft tonal outlined characters with tree motif and some cat and bird theatrics.

Easy on the eye and very popular with the locals.

Pleasure working with Reflect Construction and partners of Strutt and Parker especially the lovely Charlotte.

Nick Garrett,


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Retro Electric Cafe – Cafe Sign Vintage Typeface Design specialisation

Remember the warms of a true London original painted cafe sign?

It’s alive and revived…

Above:  c1935.  The original sign still under the existing panel at the Electric Cafe W Norwood, London.
Below: Baldini restoration project reference photograph

NGS Cafe Sign Projects РLondon Traditional Sign-Writing 

I am getting a steady flow of vintage cafe -eatery signs these day here are a few on show – It is possible to take an old photo and extract enough info tor reproduce a faithful replication to your new London, Uk, European, Worldwide, eatery sign or interiors project

Above: Baldini sign project: Restoring photo and extracting exact original font style for retro cafe traditional sign re-paint layout

Below:  Signwriting reverse glass at Dishoom Shoreditch High St London


1348502510818 1348570275456 2012-09-21 16.53.39


Dishoom was a really aaazing project – organised and highly creative

Above: Retro repro painted sign panel with soft distressing РNGS

POD Mansion House – NGS eaterie hand painted glass murals and fascia signage

I specialise in real, hand painted Cafe and Restaurant sign writing Рif you need a quality painted sign statement for your business email me or give me a call with you project details.  Happy to set up an appointment.

Nick Garrett NGS

Traditional Signwriting NGS – Perfect London Shop fronts

London Traditional Signwriting РNick Garrett Signwriter .com Р all signs painted by hand

Nick Garrett Signs:  by heart, by eye..

Looking to attract new customers, re-create a stunning brand logo?

‚Äď or simply just get your name out there?

My traditional hand painted sign writing service delivers a clear beautiful message ‚Äď a quality result that¬†hot¬†launches your product.

Photo: Hoxton ... one day in paint. NGS F rock!!!!

‚Ä̂Ķ I love what I do and it‚Äôs all by love of hand and sable quill‚ÄĚ NG

FROGZ Frozen Yoghurt bar opening 20 Hanbury St  London Signwriter Nick Garrett

Frogz – Hanbury Street London, nr Brick Lane

Traditional Signwriting and distressed paintwork.

Call us today on:  07951509238  

UK   London   EU


Nick Garrett, the classic Traditional London signwriter, since 1981

London sign-writer Nick Garrett
NGS 20 Ivymount Road, London SE27ONB

Enquiries 07831173396 


Fascias, shop fronts, sign panels, glass work, and gallery specialists


Born and bred in London, I am a traditional sign writer, gilder and maker with over 30 years experience. Most of my work is in central London but I also have my family and product development studio in Italy where I develop glass gilding and various specialist products – hence the Italian mobile number.

May 1 2012 sees my new studio in 274 Queenstown Road, Battersea open, so stay posted and connect here for our regular updates.

Fantastic signwriting made by hand in the true craftsmanship tradition…

For the past 15 years I have been delivering powerful brand design.

That work looks great, Thank you. I’ve noted your other areas of expertise and I’m sure that we’ll work together in the future. Andrew Catterall, Reflect Construction UK

The execution is superb… it’s very rare to see someone love what they do…¬†Phil Monk, Head Curator, Tate Modern, London

Quality, and service are the two strengths I guarantee. But most of all I think it is always genuine creative passion that will speak volumes for your business sign acquisition.


Contact me for any design advice and help you may need.


Skype.  Nickgarrett2828



Paris Letter Ornate verre eglomis√© ‚Äď Sampling

Ornate verre eglomis√© ‚ÄstSampling

DECEMBER 14, 2011

Visual below to be created on plate glass in white and yellow 23ct gold.

This panel is 20cm x 20cm and just started.

The outline is down and next comes second coat ‚Äď ¬†then the gold

The finished article.

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