10 keypoints to becoming a signwriter

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The New Generation of UK Signpainters: Mindset not Brushset

Artwork for lettering time NGSMy recent 5 years as signpainter has centred around 3 pillars, building the right workload, teaching and taking on apprentices.

I’ve had 3 recently and am continuing with number 4 and looking forward to working with a new Italian lad, all identities remain closely guarded to spare their blushes!!

The first quality an apprentice must have or quickly develop is determination… we all know that, it’s obvious, nothing new. But it’s the tip of the iceberg because as the years go by the degree of intensity singles out and filters through a particular quality: ‘class’. Such qualities are found in few senior writers today, regardless of the many who have technical skills and print perfect eye to brush. Class among the top writers is something rather more to do with the marrow and spirit. The quiet mindful living and breathing of…

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