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Signwriting in the modern context.




The Usual Mega Business!

Welcome all!  This is going to be a big fun learning curve… dedicated craftship skills, honing in on the real brushwork dynamics and training you, the next generation of signmasters.  

Yep it’s no circus, never OIAFS, and always the business end of training… go be success!

Next Course Booking   Contact Nick  07960113799

Nick Garrett: Genuine skills

Fantastic course would definitely recommend it… covered a lot over the course of the 2 days from techniques to the best materials to use. Great creative atmosphere and good insight to sign painting.   

Cool Vibes at NGS sign training!!

Quality learning – value, concise and solid training delivered in a way that makes absolute sense … and it works right there in your hand.

You’ll walk out of the studio able to make real headway as a sign painter.

4 Ways of Sharp Corners:  An assured way of…

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