Traditional Signwriter NGS, Painting the Zucono Traditional vintage sign – Camden Passage

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Above: the sign looks very sharp!  A bit too sharp so we decided to add some ageing  see below..

Starting the hand painted writing of this fascia for Federico at ZUCONO artisan Gelato in Camden Passage and with two coats and a fine edge trim the sign came together nicely.

Fede designed this with a firm shove from me encouraging him to commit to a bold concept after our first site meeting.  Really good design, simple yet with the oversized text it just is so the cats pyjamas!!

Font:  Copperplate bold ultra extended – 28cm H – hand signwritten in One Shot enamel (Handover’s).

Below: My ‘Inspiration’ distressed sign board

The newly installed fascia signpanel was pretty basic in terms of preparation and finish it must be said but that flaw offered itself up as a feature in my creative mind…

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