Traditional Sign-Writing – Nick Garrett

Traditional Sign-Writing – Nick Garrett

This website will show what I do, what I am currently working on and detail on how I do it…

If you are looking for visually stunning traditional signwriting, you may have just found the solution… here is my complete Traditional London based UK wide sign service, made genuinely by hand – since 1981.

As part of my service, start-up or up-and-running, I can assist you with logo re-creation, sign designcolour schemes and layout options.  

My 30 years signage experience will really help you spot best visual solutions and keep you on time and inside budget.

I provide the complete bespoke professional smart service, which includes vectorised digital scanning, plotted layouts and finally detailed and painted by hand, replicating exactly the logo you require – with the added traditional character you can only get from the sign artists brush.

My clients include leading retailers, architects and design agencies who often require faithful brand reproduction and innovative creative typeface design.  See my testimonials.

On the creative design side I am happy assisting new ideas and design concepts for

  • your original typographic design

  • minimalist modern layouts

  • vintage retro designs

  • distressed lettering and surfaces

  • bespoke murals and graphics

Vintage Contemporary

Tradition mean old school?  In some ways yes… I certainly believe providing you with a top quality service, with great communication however our designs range from both Traditional, Retro and Modern.

Above:  Retro sign-writing for Ted Baker

Client Care

I take care preserving your ideas while assisting your project throughout the production process, working closely with your concept… ensuring things run smoothly. If needed I can enhance the concept and fine tune layouts as part of my service.

If you need any input, samples or advice feel free to contact me.

Nick Garrett

NGS 20 Ivymount Road, London, SE27ONB, United Kingdom

+44 (0)7831173396  +393281518426

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