NGSigns: “Unique Selling Point In Retailing” UCP and USP trix


In any economic times, organizations should ramp creativity to the fore and concentrate on execution of marketing strategies. In competitive times, new design rationale can make the difference.  You want to persuade customers to visit your store get artists, musicians, street artists and creative minds on the case. In today’s difficult times, grabbing a sustainable creative drive is a factor that will either float or sink your boat.

Christmas Activities

A few ideas: Christmas Activities

While most companies focus on enticing the customer to make a purchase, market leaders engages the customer long after the purchase is made. Your marketing message need to be better at engaging the customer, and the front line employees absolutely must be on top of their game, using all of their creativity and pulling out all the stops.

Create your own celebration days – UCP!

Don’t wait for Christmas …grab some history and promote it as a special celebration event… party it up each quarter with a unique celebration point.

Cost cutting strategies add to the gloom, everything from advertising and staff reduction, is very often the wrong strategy overall. Yes, wasteful spending should be eliminated but why was there wasteful spending in the first place? That’s something that needs to be addressed. What is required is creativity and coming up with innovative measures that your competition hasn’t thought of. Otherwise, no matter what you do, you still won’t be ahead of your competition because they are all doing the same things. Creativity can be used to gain a competitive advantage, make your competition react to you initiatives.

Start now by initiating Creative Workout sessions at management level. Recruit management from the creative sector and install people who have proven creative success as consultant program leaders.

Don’t allow your Store Managers just want to quietly navigate through tough times – it won’t work as it did before because the market is fast-paced and far more responsive today. Before morale starts sinking, get people together and ask some serious questions – what do you see creating success for others?  Are you scared to do the same?  How do you react to change?

Integrate smart technology for all your sales staff.

The quality of your questions usually determines the quality of your answers. Make sure all of your questions are targeted at specific issues and very focused in order to get the most useful answers.

What Are The Issues?

  • Sales has to be top priority. Make sure everybody knows that and involved in selling.
  • New Products. Is there enough coming through to ignite the force and customer-base around new corners?
  • How do you continually create and improve in-store and marketing inspiration?
  • Control your inventory. Partner with your suppliers to manage your inventory effectively.
  • Increase your promotional activities. Engage your customers.
  • What do customers want?  How do you find out?

Focus on the details… but determine the big picture
Ask very specific questions around what is happening to your business and what actions you need to take to turn it around. Look positively forward, make the Creative Workout sessions upbeat and exciting. Effective management depends on creative thinking.

For more articles, “Unique Selling Point In Retailing”.

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