Epson Stylus Pro 3800 review – Nick Garrett Signwriter, London

Epson SP 3800 A2 printerEpson Stylus Pro 3800 review

Using the SP 3800 A2 Printer

We’ve been using an Epson Stylus Pro 3800 for a few weeks now – the machine was kindly lent by Epson UK, along with a range of Epson Media.

Keith has restricted this review to Epson media and inks.

There is a wider discussion of using the printer in the conclusion section, and links to further information and additional paper reviews at the end of the article.

We now have 4880 and 7880 printer reviews as well.

Apr. 2010 Epson 3880 review added

Epson SP 3800

Updates – March 2010 A possible fix for printing full width on the 3800 when using OSX 10.6

May 2008 I’ve heard of numerous problems downloading the plugin mentioned below. These two links seem to work at the moment

  • Mac version
  • win version

Epson have launched a new

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