Traditional Signwriter Nick Garrett: TATE MODERN – Largest sign mural in history of the gallery NGS

Behind the first floor wall the NGS team worked a solid 14 shift completing a sensational hand rendered precision mural.

Signwriting in central London is always a buzz but the project just finished at Tate Mod has to top all of my sign writing experiences.

For one we didn’t know if the scale of the project would overwhelm us… and so we devised an innovative process over a period of 3 months requiring 4 days studio research work, that maximised quality while pairing down the grind of intensive, repetitious labour.

Above:  The grid painted in situ

Below:  Studio sample piece – one of 4 made to teethe-out methodology problems. We got from 2.5 hours per square meter down to 1.6 – complete and perfect.

The quality had to be perfect.

Above: NGS dream team!

NGS have just completed 132 sqm of graphic mural and signwriting for Tate Modern. 22 rolls of Frog tape and 24 rolls of masking – 1 mile of lining and 3000 cubes created!

The forthcoming Mega show has a number of sensational settings featuring wallpapers and our grid mural.

Above:  Nick Garrett sets out 120mm Helvetica Light 105mm off the deck.

The methodology for the execution of this 14 day project took 3 months to refine, eliminating errors, mask issues, and overall fatigue risk.

The result… the largest mural artwork in history of Tate Modern.

Nick Garrett NGS

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