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I never call myself a ‘master’ signwriter… I always let my signs speak louder than such words…


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My name is Nick Garrett: A born and bred London Signwriting and Gold Leaf Gilding artist, specialising in traditional, retro and modern brand sign writing.

Very much today’s modern signman… by design.

Great brand design NGS

Smooth production and finishing

I offer a comprehensive sign service with a design advantage from a career spanning 38 years in all areas of design, including lettering, brand ID, ceramics, furniture, special finishes and pure typographics. I gives my studio the edge on creating genuine products with super fast roll through to suit your every need.

Super Design, Modern Detail – purely by hand

Passion for detail and historical lettering, makes NGS a trend leader. Everything is created by hand from the drawing to the final brushstroke. It’s modern yet always classical whether Urban distress, a cafe script, or a fine Roman.

We have a huge research archive of the perfect lettering for you. If we haven’t made it recently we’ll make it for you today.

Work is designed to your particular needs or I can follow perfectly your existing design layouts and brand ID. These include:

  • Modern
  • Branding & Graphics
  • Classic Vintage
  • House numerals
  • Ghost signs 
  • Chalkboards
  • Gilding on glass and panel
  • Panel Manufacture
  • Teaching the craft and support

Projects can be completed in our workshop or with you on site anywhere in the world – rain or shine, super big or small, quality productions.  

The complete bespoke service and the best affordable prices.


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NGS Sign creativity is all about launching something beautiful on the eye… not just great letters, but the essence of your business.



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