About Traditional Sign-writer Nick Garrett: Changing a City

If you’d like an exceptionally beautiful sign for your shop or number for your beautiful home…

you’re in the right place.

  Maria at the Coffee Pot Camden   L Maison Notting Hill by Nick Garrett Signwriting



When you see a vintage hand painted sign it’s a genuinely beautiful thing. It says so much about the business and the people behind it. It inspires us because it is made entirely by a wholesome creative process.

People recognise and love to admire artisan skills and so an NGS sign is more noticeable because of its meticulous beauty.  Each letter is honed and crafted.

Beauty gallery sign NGS London Diptyque Covent Garden 1Celsea textiles Traditional signwriter Nick Garrett Gilded letters 2Chelsea Textiles detail London signwriting by Nick Garrett _72Choosing Keeping G Letter shop sign Covent Garden london by Nick Garrett signwriterFred Perry shop sign NGS Signwriter London 1

nick garrett signwriter london

The difference

I prefer not to use commercial digital fonts straight out of the PC because they lack original foundry refinements when enlarge the for signage. I redraw and space every letter so they become absolutely customised to your brand ID and talk your talk in the most distinctive way.  

In lettering the tiniest details count between success and failure – our signs are therefore all very specially crafted and bespoke… it gives you the beauty edge.


Providing all types of hand written, gilded and painted lettering to London’s shop fronts, retail windows, doors, panels and walls – in fact you name it and as they say: no job is ever too small.


If you are a quirky start up or massive brand, no worries contact us – our most popular work includes original retail displays, hospitality, bars, restaurants, hotels, galleries, homes, objects and offices.

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For any enquiries contact me 07960113799